If the guy offers the usufruct to various persons, perhaps not at exactly the same time, but successively, the new specifications out-of article 863 will incorporate

(1) Fideicommissary substitutions that are not manufactured in a share styles, sometimes by giving him or her which name, otherwise imposing on this new fiduciary absolutely the responsibility to deliver new property to help you an additional heir;

Article 879

(2) Specifications that contain a perpetual prohibition to alienate, and even lovingwomen.org Flere tip a temporary one to, beyond the limitation fixed from inside the post 863;

(3) Those that enforce upon new heir the newest costs of purchasing in order to some people successively, not in the limit given into the post 863, a certain income otherwise retirement;

(4) Those that hop out to help you men the whole or part of the genetic assets so he elizabeth according to secret rules conveyed so you’re able to him because of the testator. (785a)

Blog post 868. The fresh nullity of your fideicommissary replacement cannot bias the fresh legitimacy of the institution of your own heirs first designated; the fideicommissary condition shall just be considered as not authored. (786)

Post 869. A supply for which the fresh new testator makes to help you a man the complete or part of the heredity, and to several other new usufruct, might be legitimate. (787a)

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