No Air – Jordin Cause foot. Chris Brown

But I don’t wanted “good” and i also don’t want “adequate”Needs “are unable to sleep, are unable to inhale instead of the love”Front porch and one a lot more kiss, it generally does not add up to some body elseWho cares when you are all In my opinion throughout the,We have looked the country and that i learn now,They is not correct for people who isn’t destroyed their mindYeah, I do not wanted easy, I want crazyYou beside me child? Let’s feel crazy

No, I don’t wanted “good” and i also wouldn’t like “good enough”I would like “can’t bed, cannot inhale as opposed to their like”Front porch and something alot more kiss, it will not sound right in order to anybody elseWho cares while all I believe regarding the,We have seemed the world and i see today,They ain’t best if you isn’t lost the mindYeah, I really don’t need simple, I would like in love

Yeah, look at all of us baby, tonight new midnight guidelines is breakingThere’s no such as for example matter given that insane adequate,And perhaps we just believe also muchWho must play it safe in love?Let’s become crazy!

Like Remembers – Craig Morgan

This is exactly some very nice, real nation sounds-not to mention a brilliant catchy tune. Just like the title indicates, the fresh new track means just how, whenever you are crazy, you consider every little thing, and that little if any one can come near the individual you adore.

Trick Words: “Like recalls scent out of a summertime time/Lying-in an excellent hammock more than fresh-cut lawn/Together with guarantee from forever”


You simply cannot forget about what like is actually wearingWhen they strolled out your side doorWhere your fell right down to their kneesAnd are unable to forget the sort of suitcaseThat are packed from the newest sidewalkWhile your cried truth be told there beggin’ pleaseBut like remembers

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