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13. The worldwide climate emergency and require to own a best transition so you can net zero have also sharpened the focus on the women’s and you may marginalised groups’ added people plus the internationally savings. Once the concerns about feminine, college students and you will marginalised communities in Ukraine, Afghanistan or any other countries impacted by combat continue steadily to develop, new impact out of disagreement for the female try actually ever better.


fourteen. The approach to around the world passion commonly put the liberties and you can empowerment of women and you will girls, and other marginalised teams during the the heart. Experiencing, and you will discovering regarding, other people we will take a keen intersectional strategy seeking to know the way several interconnected social categories, such gender, sexual direction, competition, impairment, faith and you can socio-economic updates, come together. While this strategy outlines highest-height goals, its knowledge will need to be adapted when engaging with other places considering the different demands faced of the all of them. ادامه مطلب