Another region: The fresh top ceremony / the newest sacraments of wedding

Swapping brand new groups

The newest groups are in fact switched about three moments by top man (koumbaros). He crosses their hand and you can requires the latest rings of your own couple’s fingertips. He then crosses their hand additional way and you may back again, so the give that was basic ahead, grew to become towards the bottom. Similar to this, the fresh new groups is swapped three minutes, but always end to the right hands of couple. In the event the there’s two koumbari, both do so three times (beginning with the brand new koumbara).

The new replacement and you may exchange of your own groups 3 x signifies the brand new weakness of just one people getting compensated from the strength of one’s most other, together with one’s faults are corrected from the good deeds regarding others. Truly he or she is partial, however, to one another he’s best, and bridesmaid few are thus united of the advantage out of marriage.

A final prayer was read by priest, in addition to pair evlilik için güzel dominik gelinleri has grown to become involved so you can get married about presence of God, ultimately causing the second a portion of the wedding.

Once the fresh new wedding service, the fresh priest continues to the wedding service. He begins with lighting several white candle lights, and this signify the couple’s spiritual want to help Christ, brand new white around the globe, shed his true blessing and white on them and become section of their lifetime together. (Here and there the happy couple hold new candle lights within their hands, but in Kalymnos, the new priest lighting one or two candles sitting on the floor on both side of the altar). ادامه مطلب