A widespread amulet from inside the Center-East, a wicked attention bead, provides the contour and you will colour of a blue attention

A separate foundation regarding perception out of eyes for the Poultry ‘s the concept of evil eyes (nazar), a nevertheless-expose superstition with various additional cultural levels ascribed in order to if not ancient significance . Blue-eye color could well be assigned a unique meaning as from inside the a mainly brownish-eyed community, blue eyes try strange, uncommon, and therefore perceived as very dangerous. Alternatively, blue eye color are cherished due to the fact large deity within the old Turkic religions resides in the fresh new blue-sky. Brand new present meaning of the latest blue-eye amulet, popular in all places out of society, is generally created often toward the completely new protective role, wherein it is seen as a phrase of great fortune and you can greetings, or simply just for the a visual mode . So it’s possible that one another Turkish folk subconsciously mount other strengths to the same facial ability.

Instead, choices to have attention tone could be driven by frequent coverage. The greater a person is exposed to a particular feature (elizabeth.grams., vision colour), the more must be the positive review of these attribute [72, 80, 135]. For the a populace top, we didn’t realize that the existing attention color is far more common than just a rare one in the address places. Likewise, one cannot simply draw results based only toward proportion regarding vision tone inside populations. ادامه مطلب