Simply up coming try brand new fiance presented, and again, that have a game

§thirty-five. Initially, eg, the brand new bride’s nearest and dearest you’ll enhance a chest away from linens from inside the her stead, or offer currency as the ransom money. To their 2nd try, the new maidens would provide the latest groom a horse. The fresh new groom, of course, refuted these also provides. In the matrimony of your own Old Believers regarding Zaboikalye the online game took a different sort of means, amazingly similar to wide-bequeath men and women stories. In the beginning the brand new groom was considering good maiden sporting tattered gowns, dirty, uncombed, along with particular such as executes as a classic broom in her hands otherwise an old container on her behalf head. Towards the 2nd day he had been given a choice around about three maidens wear a similar clothing, certainly exactly who had been their bride-to-be. He may maybe not, definitely, discover their own deal with, together with to select his “princess” outside of the line-up. When the he produced a blunder, the guy paid down a hefty prize (in money) into the bride’s front side and game started again.

§thirty six. Finally, brand new bride’s mothers create join the hands of one’s bride and the brand new groom, bless them with an icon, and you may pronounce a timeless algorithm teaching new bridegroom for taking proper care of your bride to be. Immediately following some preparation, departure to own church then followed, and you may just after it the brand new banquet in the groom’s household, in ovaj ДЌlanak which, definitely, zero laments was indeed invited.

dos. The latest Laments.

§37. There’s absolutely no ready-produced category for explaining exactly what the fiance really does for the a timeless Russian village relationships whenever she functions their unique laments. Is actually she acting, since if from inside the a gamble? To some degree she does, as the she is designed to lament and check unfortunate, even if she seems a little pleased and desires little more than so you can wed the newest groom. ‘s the bride stating their unique individual thoughts? This is also true, and many former brides (even the of those which married willingly) remember the interests and you can sincerity of their laments and the mental solutions of the families. At the same time, she’s performing a ritual known and you may vital that you every concerned, a ritual with the script where this woman is likely to heed. The text out of laments remains old-fashioned however, liquid, the level of play-acting and you will worry about-phrase for the for every wedding results is exclusive, but it might be facile to say just you to such shows was a mixture of the non-public additionally the traditional: the 2 facets will never be split up in such a way you to definitely they may be combined first off. The wedding comes after a vintage circumstance, plus they the bride to be performs the part of your bride-to-be and laments since the brides do, pretending her very own worry about inside the a stunningly artful and you will advanced way. Due to the fact Balashov profile, this new brides in a few Vologda communities carry out ultimately talk into the verse for your week of the relationships.

There have been supplement tunes toward bridegroom, tunes of the women off his nearest and dearest and you can village to transmit from the procession with the bride’s home and to welcome the new bride, joking and you can sexually specific songs, and you may numerous versified sayings because of the groomsman to compliment their certain steps

§38. The new pure bulk of sounds, laments, and versified sayings involved is one of the most striking keeps regarding Russian village wedding events, especially in countries in which prichety had been widely practiced. Choral audio of maidens, unicamente laments of your bride, laments of one’s bride’s mother, prichet-exchanges between the fiance and her mothers, aunt, and you may sisters try distinguished into the bride’s front, but there is together with a lot of tunes toward groom’s front which slip outside the range associated with paper, but need a quick acknowledgement. A few of the latter was indeed yes compositions in the efficiency, and you may an effective groomsman could have an easy laughs and you may an excellent ready a reaction to any type of resistance or teasing he may find of the fresh bride’s front. When you look at the records away from Siberia published by Potanina, the new groomsman says things when you look at the verse almost constantly: when he comes into the newest groom’s yard, eg, immediately after which once more as he gets in the house and he greets the newest groom’s moms and dads, the fresh new groom himself, although some built, as he directs their jobs on the parade, as they leave, while they visited the fresh new bride’s domestic, negotiate toward bride’s relatives, get its way in the, look at the gate, up the procedures, from doorway, each step of the process and you can action with at least a short, and perhaps a little a lot of time, versified utterance. Nothing wonder one in the early 19th century Snegirev discussed these types of wedding receptions as the “an individuals drama, otherwise, a lot more truthfully, opera-vaudeville.”

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